Wondering what kind of outlets or switches you already have on your walls?  Here’s a breakdown of the most commonly installed devices:

Receptacles (Outlets)

BehrElectricCompany-Decora Outlet   BehrElectricCompany-Duplex Outlet   BehrElectricCompany-Decora GFCI

           Decora-Style Outlet                         Duplex-Style Outlet                          GFCI Decora Outlet


Switches & Dimmers

   BehrElectricCompany-Decora Dimmer Lutron Diva    BehrElectricCompany-Switch Toggle

                Decora-Style                           Decora with Diva Dimmer                          Toggle-Style

Common Colors

BehrElectricCompany-White Wall Plate   BehrElectricCompany-Light Almond Wall Plate   BehrElectricCompany-Ivory Wall Plate

                  White                                                    Light Almond                                          Ivory

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