Snow Melt

We all live or visit Park City at least in part because of the snow.  The graceful white mounds of fluffy snow that make for the best skiing in the country.  Aren’t the winters in Park City perfect?  The nights are cold but the days are usually sunny and warm.  That same beautiful snow collects on our houses and wreaks havoc on our roofs.  The shear amount of snow we receive, coupled with our fluctuating freezing and thawing temperatures create ice dams along the edges and valleys of roofs that lead to leaking inside your house.  The solution?  Running heat tape or other snow melt systems along the rooflines can help prevent ice dams from forming.  We can work with you to create a customized plan to keep ice from damaging your roof.  Some energy-saving options are available.  Work is done by licensed, insured electricians every step of the way to ensure that all connections are safely and properly made.

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